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Personal Effectiveness

You’ve hired the cream of the crop, but want to make sure they stay on the top of their game?

Or maybe you’ve identified a few gaps that would take your team from good to great?

Whether they’re lagging a little, or some of your high potential stars, investing in their continued development is always a good idea.

We offer a range of workshops that are designed to help your teams make the small changes that create big differences. We focus on building those power skills that help individuals perform at their best.

We’ve included a couple below to give you some ideas. That said, we customise every program, so if you don’t see what you need below, reach out and we’d be happy to talk through some options.

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Effective Time Management

Time is a commodity that’s ticking away for all of us. If you can’t manage your time effectively, this will impact everything about your work, how you deal with stressful situations, right through to your mental health. Giving your team the benefit of a time management training course will help them manage many areas of their lives – not just at the office, leading to a happier, healthier and better focused team.

Influencing Through Storytelling

Facts and figures might help outline the benefit to the bottom line but it’s the story that sells the idea. Humans have told stories for as long as we’ve been able to talk and that’s not about to change anytime soon. We outline how you can use emotive language and structure to give your pitches, meetings or speeches that extra flair which helps people be engaged and excited about what you’re proposing.

How to fix those slides

We’ve all sat through yawn-inducing presentations that leave you reaching for your phone or creating a mental shopping list for tonight’s dinner. Creating interesting, eye-catching slides that leave enough room for storytelling but also give context and additional information to your presentation is a fine art.

We help you to fix those slides and give your presentations the punch they need to entertain, persuade, and inform your audience.


Let’s face it, both in and out of work, we often don’t say what we really mean for various reasons – often because we want to be seen as ‘nice’ or don’t want to be seen as pushy.

But assertiveness is not the same as aggression! We’re here to help you explore how you can be clear, confident and respectful in those conversations that count.

From our perspective, everyone has it in them to be assertive and move from passive to active voice in conversations and meetings. Sure, we understand this might be harder for some people than others, but that’s OK. We help even the shyest people to discover their inner honey badger to create a better sense of control and confidence.

You’re in good company!

Whether it’s a small business in Brisbane, or a leading global health organisation in Switzerland, we partner with great organisations doing wonderful things. Each of them united by a common desire to provide meaningful and impactful training courses and learning solutions to their teams. Will you be next?



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