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Leadership Development

To tell you the truth, we think leadership training is usually too complicated. So much energy is spent on hair-splitting definitions and abstract academic models.

We’d rather focus on creating meaningful opportunities to build the mindsets and practical skills necessary to help your people lead others.

What does a great leader do? We think it can be boiled down to four core components. Direct, develop, connect, and inspire. That’s our starting point, but then we work with you to understand what leadership means in your organisation, and where your leaders are getting stuck.

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Our leadership development offering

Our leadership training courses are tailored to your needs, whether you need help onboarding first time managers, or developing teams of experienced leaders.

If any of the topics below regarding leadership skills and training sound like something you’re interested in, get in touch – we’ll get along just fine.

Leadership Skills and Training Topics

  • Psychological safety
  • Leader as a coach
  • Growth and infinite mindset
  • Collaboration for performance
  • Great performance conversations
  • Leading accountability
  • Authenticity and candour
  • Vulnerability and courage
  • Leading inclusive hybrid teams
  • and the list goes on.

Of course, a fully blended leadership program will always have the greatest impact, but we also understand that a different approach might better suit your timeframe and budget. Don’t worry – we love to co-create approaches that suit your learners’ needs (and that please your CFO!).



If you want to be a great manager, you need to know how to lead inclusively. We’d say it’s as easy as ABCDE, but to be honest, it takes work because it requires us to have courageous and uncomfortable conversations and challenge our own beliefs and mindsets. In our inclusive leadership programs, we invite learners to step up to the plate and examine themselves first. What do they already do well to bring the team in and cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone belongs? And where can they put more energy? We’ll explore Authenticity, Bravery, Curiosity, Dependability, and Empathy… Say, what do you know… that makes ABCDE…


Nobody wants to play with you if you win the game at all costs to the detriment of others. This includes your team. If you’ve been in business long enough, you come to realise that just like in any relationship, great collaboration is based on mutual respect, shared values and support.

We help leaders learn to prioritise trust, become better players in the game of business, and pursue the achievable goal of continuous improvement.


We all want to feel like we belong at work. And we all want to do work that matters. But we can’t perform at our best if we don’t have a sense of trust in our leader and team. If your leaders can boost psychological safety in your workplace, you’ll be creating an environment where your team feels someone has their back.

They know it’s expected that they be themselves, that they are free to try new things and view mistakes as a learning opportunity. Importantly, they’ll also be able to innovate better and faster. Together.


The words we choose and the way we deliver our messages matter. Performance conversations can include setting expectations and objective, following up on work, providing feedback and feedforward, or even bringing the team together.

Nailing a great performance conversation is a skill that can be developed. When leaders have the toolkit to have great people-focused conversations about performance, we create candid cultures where we can hold others accountable in a respectful and productive way. Everyone wins.

Leader as coach

Ohh, this is one of our favourites. Such a key leadership skill. ! It’s very hands on and practical. Participants will learn to ask powerful questions, actively listen, and provide constructive feedback to empower their team members. This workshop emphasises the shift from a directive leadership style to one that fosters self-awareness, accountability, and continuous growth among team members.

Unlocking potential

There’s a saying: “Don’t try to make the lousy good. Make the good great. Through engaging exercises and case studies, participants will learn to recognize and leverage individual strengths in their team, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. And with all that in place? The results will be sure to follow.

Communication for leaders

Whether it’s to inspire, develop, direct, or connect, every leader needs to know how to get their point across. We help them understand the right approach for each audience and situation.

Leading Inclusive Hybrid Teams

With five generations in the workforce, our perspectives of the merits of hybrid working vary wildly, but frankly, the world of work has changed, and it’s not going back to how it was. Leaders need to know how to lead this new dynamic in a way that’s inclusive, respectful, and productive.

High-Performance Team Building and Leadership

We love this one! In this module, we provide leaders with techniques to develop, and inspire a cohesive and high-functioning team, ultimately driving productivity and achieving organisational goals.

Trust builders and blockers

What does code breaking have to do with building trust? Find out in this fun and engaging module that’s designed to help leaders unpack what gets in the way of trust in their teams. We can assure you it’s not as easy as saying “trust me.”

Getting curious

Ever been told you’re nosy? Always wanting to know and understand more? Then this training session could be for you. This session empowers leaders to cultivate a culture of curiosity, enabling them to uncover new perspectives, solve complex challenges, improve their performance, and foster an environment of continuous learning and growth within their teams.

Leading with surprise and delight

Marie Kondo talks about sparking joy, but why not bring it to your leadership skills too? Spend some time considering small, unexpected things you can do to uplift, inspire and engage your team.

You’re in good company!

Whether it’s a small business in Brisbane, or a leading global health organisation in Switzerland, we partner with great organisations doing wonderful things. Each of them united by a common desire to provide meaningful and impactful training courses and learning solutions to their teams. Will you be next?



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