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High Performing Teams through relationships that matter

Without solid relationships in the workplace, leaders will have difficulty in bringing teams together to work on difficult problems. Successful collaboration is the loadstone for any work that requires more than two people and if your team isn’t managing their relationships effectively, they’re not managing the work effectively.

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Our High Performing Teams Offering

To build healthy and effective working relationships with each other, you need to be intentional. Too often, collaboration is left to chance, and the results are fractures, distrust, or apathy. It doesn’t need to be this way.

If you or your leadership team have noticed any of the warning signs below within your organisation, it’s time to consider a relationship- building skills workshop.

Warning signs in teams that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • There’s poor collaboration within or across teams
  • Leaders don’t speak highly of other leaders
  • There are duplicated effort, meaning valuable resources are wasted
  • There are negative comments thrown around about others
  • People are often defensive and protective of their turf
  • There are buried resentments that simmer to the surface
  • Leaders see mistakes as failures and seek to blame, instead of learn
  • People often break promises and agreements

So, what can be done about it?

Does this strike a chord? We can help you to generate a healthier work environment within your teams by custom designing a collaboration and relationship-building skills workshop for your organisation.

We get that people don’t want to sit through yet another boring training course, which is why we work hard to ensure our workshops are fun, informative and, most of all, effective at helping your team to develop and enjoy building lasting relationships.

And that’s the catalyst for great performance.

Here’s a small selection of modules that might be the antidote to the teams challenges.

Selected High Performing Teams modules

Creating a Culture of Candour

This is all about creating space to say what’s on your mind, but also being receptive to the thoughts and feedback of others. Not easy to do when we all tend to jump to judgement pretty quickly! This session equips teams with tools and frameworks to have great, respectful conversations.


You can’t perform at consistently high levels if your team is burning out. This session explores wellbeing on an individual and team level. We dig in to what our different.

Adapting and Connecting to Others

In a team environment, everyone has their own little quirks. Different personality types have different ways of communicating and require a different approach to get them on board. This session helps your learners get to know each other and consider how to best navigate communication with them leading to more success and a happier team.

Great post-mortems

We love an after action review. How often do your teams genuinely and systematically evaluate completed projects and use it as opportunities to learn and improve? This module is a blast – we play some games, learn about the after action review and then play some more games. And we always see that teams get better outcomes in the second round of games, once they’ve applied their post mortem. You’re going to love it!


Saying “you can trust me” isn’t enough. Trust us on that. In this session, we explore different types of trust and what can build or break it. There’s no magic formula, but we can build an increased awareness of what gives that feeling that other people ‘have our back.’

You’re in good company!

Whether it’s a small business in Brisbane, or a leading global health organisation in Switzerland, we partner with great organisations doing wonderful things. Each of them united by a common desire to provide meaningful and impactful training courses and learning solutions to their teams. Will you be next?



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