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Coaching for Managers

Coaching is a powerful tool that can help leaders and teams realise their full potential.

We often work with clients who know that a problem (or several!) exists within their workplace but need some assistance in clarifying the core issue to be addressed and developing an action plan to move forward.

Think of our coaching services as a discovery-based, problem-solving process using high-level communication skills and powerful questions to help teams and managers get unstuck and confidently move forward.

You’re in safe hands. Our coaches are skilled professionals with accreditations in leadership and emotional intelligence coaching, plus certifications in a wide range of psychometric tools to augment the coaching process.

Who will benefit from our coaching solutions?

Honestly? Everyone!

Our coaching services are a great opportunity for leaders at all levels: those new to managing others, mid-career professionals, and executive leaders.

Some of our most frequent team coaching solutions are designed for HR, Sales, and Finance departments, but from time to time, all teams run into situations that would benefit from a coaching solution.

If your leaders or teams need help with any of these topics, our coaching solutions will be a valuable investment in their development.

  • Setting priorities and communicating expectations
  • Boosting teamwork and collaboration
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Great performance conversations
  • Adapting and connecting with different personalities
  • Controlling emotions and responding assertively
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Getting unstuck as a leader/team

We can either work 1:1 or support entire teams.


When working individually with a new coaching client, we invest time up front to be clear on what challenge the client is facing and define what outcome they hope to achieve from the coaching relationship. Then, over a series of 60-minute sessions, we’ll work together to reflect on their role in overcoming that challenge and define action steps to take in order to achieve success.

Usually, clients work with a coach for 6-8 weekly sessions, during which time they will have deep conversations on their area of focus. But that’s only part of the story. They’ll also identify specific actions to complete between sessions, and their coach will help hold them accountable for progress.

Coaching isn’t about giving advice; the coaching client makes the decisions they think will lead them towards the desired outcome. It’s an empowering and invigorating process!

Pro-tip for HR: Adding a one-off coaching session one to two months after a training workshop can also be a great way to provide individual support to your learners and continue their learning process!


Even the best teams can have periods when it feels like they’ve lost their way. Other times, teams have a specific challenge they’re facing that may benefit from an objective, external set of ears to help them navigate the way forward. When that’s the case, team coaching can be a great solution.

We can work with your teams to unpack their challenges, identify their blockers, and identify the best way forward. We’re regularly called upon to design team retreats/offsites, conduct confidential interviews with team members, or craft comprehensive team coaching solutions to help teams perform at their best.

We can tailor our coaching solutions to suit your requirements, timeframe and budget. If there’s a specific area that your team needs help with (negotiations or dealing with conflict, for example), we can work with them to develop techniques and methods to help achieve these goals.

If your team could benefit from a multi-day coaching program where we go through a process of discovery, problem-solving and solution development, we can organise that also.

Flexibility is the key to developing strong coaching programs that help move our customers towards success in their business and personal relationships.

A few words from Tom about coaching

What is one thing Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman and my dentist all have in common? They’ve all had a coach to help them get ahead.

Sometimes coaching seems like a bit of a nebulous concept, doesn’t it? It’s not therapy, it’s not mentoring, and it’s not about giving advice. But it IS about unlocking your potential, getting unstuck, and helping you move closer to the life you want.

I genuinely believe everyone has the capacity to make decisions and take actions that will get them closer to whatever outcome they crave.

My coaching clients have the answers to all of the challenges they’re facing. They know their life, their options, and their dreams better than I ever could. But sometimes they just need a hand clarifying those answers and deciding on their next step.

As coaches, Jane and I can help with any number of challenges: difficult relationships with people at work, exploring career options, feeling stuck with a big decision, achieving that personal goal that has felt out of reach, or developing an action plan linked to a priority piece of work.

We’re on your side. We want to see you succeed. We believe in your ability to get the outcome you want. Get in touch to have a chat about coaching for you or others in your organisation.



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